Summer Layering


Every time I shoot a new look for the blog, so many possible discussion topics cross my mind that I feel like a single page cannot contain my thoughts. But eventually, when it’s time to write the blog post, absolutely none of them come to mind.
This is possibly due to the compulsion of wanting to write something relevant to the imagery. But that becomes impossible, because what I enjoy about blogging is lusting over imagery of flowing or structured fabrics and not the text that accompanies them. Mostly when I flip through the (imaginary) pages of other blogs I skip the text, because the essence of the fashion blog is in its photographs. They need to speak for themselves, and no amount of text will rescue a terribly unfocused or pixelated image, or perhaps a bad composition.
Maybe I should omit writing anything completely? I often find it completely unnecessary to attempt and describe the obvious.
Nonetheless, I will attempt to describe my feelings for this outfit. Layering t-shirts and cami dresses or tops has been my go-to formula lately. Simply because a. I have way too many camis, which I didn’t know how to dress down until now, b. it’s so easy and comfortable, smart and casual at the same time. Paired with my beloved mid-heel grey velvet mules, because I am starting to get tired of high heels. Don’t get me wrong, they look amazing on, but I’d rather be comfortable and happy rather than grumpy and in pain.