Vienna in January

Stephansplatz, ViennaHello, It’s been a while.
Doing a Master in Architecture definitely does not allow time for much more, surely not enough time to update my blog. That said, during the past year I took quite a few photos that I’d like to share here, including those of my University trip to Vienna.
Vienna in January is magical, cold and misty, a perfect combination for moody photography. Even though this was not the intentional outcome I was considering while I was taking these photographs, it became a prominent feature while I was editing and putting together this post. The combination of bare tree branches, mist and lack of sun added to the effect (Oh, and the black crows). Even though the temperature was not ideal for sightseeing, we managed to make the most of this trip and see as much of the city’s beautiful architecture as we could squeeze in.
Vienna Opera

Sacher Torte

Karlskirche (St. Charles's Church)Vienna City CentreVienna, AustriaVienna, AustriaVienna, AustriaVienna, AustriaVienna, AustriaCafé HawelkaVienna, AustriaStephansplatz, ViennaStephansplatz, ViennaVienna Opera